Infamous 2 PC

Infamous 2 belongs to the action-adventure games category. It used to be an exclusive game for PlayStation 3, however, nowadays you can find it in the post as inFamous 2 PC.

Infamous 2 is the sequel of infamous. It takes place in modern day world where people have super human abilities. These people are called Conduits. They exist thanks to a device called Ray Sphere. The Ray Sphere gives super abilities only to the ones who possess the Conduit gene. The first event where the Ray Sphere did such thing was to Cole McGrath who it gave super powers to. But the Sphere devastated his home of Empire City. The mentioned event is part of a scheme made by Kessler. Kessler comes from the future where a creature known as Beast has destroyed earth and the only one who can save it is Cole. Therefore Kessler came back in time in order to prepare Cole to deal with this Beast in the future.

Infamous 2 PC got the score of 83 out of 100 on GameRanking by getting 64 reviews. When it was first out it got 9 stars out of 10 by IGN. It was not as well popular or good by GameSpot since they gave them 7.5 score from 10.

Infamous 2 PC is the same game as infamous 2 for Play Station 3 but the fact that you can play it on your computer and you do not need a Play Station 3 console in order to play infamous 2. Sure it sounds a bit weird that an exclusive Play Station 3 game will suddenly have a pc version, however it is possible!


Want to get infamous 2 PC download? Follow the instructions below to get it:

  1. Click Here to download infamous 2 PC.
  2. Extract the game from the .RAR file.
  3. Double Click the launch file in order to install the game on your computer.
  4. Choose the file where you want the game to be saved on.
  5. Wait a few minutes while the game is being installed.
  6. Double click the game icon in order to play it.
  7. Enjoy infamous 2 PC!


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